5 reasons to book a seasonal mini photo session

Seasonal mini photoshoots have fast become the go-to alternative for families who are looking for a quick and stress-free option for capturing a few family photos.

Here are the 5 top reasons why people love mini sessions:





6. ≈

(OK… so I know I said 5 reasons but you can forgive me just one extra ;-))


A parent's dream

A mini session is a parent’s dream due to it being quick and light hearted. Great for capturing photos with younger children and/or siblings and active kids.

Get to know your photographer

It is first and foremost a much more affordable way to try out a photographer and still capture beautiful images

Short and sweet

If you are strapped for time, a mini photography session is perfect. Offspring Photography's sessions are a just 30-mins duration.

Relaxed session

If you are feeling a bit nervous about being in front of a camera then you’ll be glad to know that a mini session is relaxed and about having a good time!

A seasonal story

They are ideal if you want portrait photos of your baby or child at different times throughout the year. Booking one or two seasonal sessions can perfectly capture the different stages and milestones of their development mapping them magically to the seasons of the year.

Amazing portraits

If you aren’t looking for tons of photos but instead want one or two amazing shots then this is definitely the ideal option for you

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