Following Boris Johnson’s announcement and changes to the social distancing rules from 1st June 2020,  I’m delighted to now be able to safely offer my outdoor baby (6 months+), family and maternity sessions once again for groups of up to five people. 

All photoshoots will take place outdoors in the fresh air and beautiful English countryside we’ve been enjoying to minimise contact. 

Covid-19 Safety guidelines and policy

The safety of your children and family are my top priority, so I feel it is necessary to provide some information about how this impacts my photo sessions and the extra precautions that I am taking to keep your family, and mine, safe during this time.

Whilst we cannot eliminate the risk of Covid-19, in following these mitigating actions we can certainly reduce the risk. I hope you find this information helpful and helps to put your mind at ease.

Covid-19 Safety Policy

  • All sessions will be held whilst maintaining a social distance by staying two metres apart.  As I usually use a long lens for outdoors sessions this won’t affect the quality of the photos I take.

  • To further ensure safe social distancing measures can be kept during the session, sessions will take place in the golden hour (currently from 6.30pm) or before 9am and will be 1hr maximum duration.  These are generally quieter times of the day and will ensure we avoid crowds and minimise disruption to your session.  The added benefit of this is that the light from the sun is also better which will enhance the overall quality of the images you will receive.

  • All sessions will be limited to the group size currently advised by Government which is currently a family of five, but with potential for additional family members once clarification of household ‘bubbles’ is made.
  • Strict no-sickness policy:  If you or I, or any of our respective households, have any coronavirus symptoms such a fever, cough, vomiting, headaches or any type of sickness; or have had symptoms in the 14 days before your session, we are required to disclose it respectively and we will need to reschedule. To reschedule, please contact me as soon as possible. There is no fee to reschedule.

  • I will arrive at each session with wet wipes and hand-sanitiser and will use those throughout the session. I will also have a mask with me and if you feel more comfortable with me wearing it, I will happily put it on for the duration of our session. Just please let me know.
  • To uphold social distancing guidelines, I will avoid any personal contact with my clients during the session and that includes hand-shaking, high-fives with children and also moving/touching hair or clothes while shooting. I will try my best to direct you from a safe distance.
  • I will ask you to bring your own blankets and toys/props that you would like included in the shoot.
  • After each session, every blanket, wrap and prop that I do use during your session is washed or sanitised. All surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant wipes. 


  • I will encourage and take hygiene precautions when opening gates and stiles in the countryside. 

  • The use of playgrounds and play equipment, as well as popular climbing trees or statues in some locations, will be discouraged.  
  • I will endeavour to choose locations that avoid narrow paths and where it is difficult to abide by social distancing measures. 

Vulnerable groups

As pregnant women fall into the vulnerable category, maternity sessions should be scheduled for around 28 weeks and social-distancing measures will be strictly adhered to. I am also happy to wear a mask if you would prefer too, although you may deem it inappropriate if young children are involved in the photoshoot too. 

I will not be carrying out newborn sessions in people’s homes. Baby sessions will start with outdoor sessions at six month’s old. Please see details of my Distance newborn package for photo support. 

Communication and payment

  • All pre-session communication will be carried out via email, phone or text. 

  • All galleries and print options are presented and processed online.

  • Payment will be online only by Paypal or BACS.

  • Contactless deliveries of print products will be by Royal Mail or by hand if distance allows.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything before scheduling a session, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07703 575149.  

Bailey Lamburn, Offspring Photography May 2020