Among the flowers photoshoot experiences


Inspire a love of nature and the outdoors with one of these fabulous British flower-inspired family photoshoot experiences.  Stand among a carpet of bluebells, sit in a sea of poppies, take in the scent of a sensational lavender field and celebrate summer in a field of sunflowers. Then, when Winter draws in, you can gather the family for a portrait at a traditional Christmas tree farm.

Sensational photoshoot experiences in Britain's flower fields

Among the Flowers sessions are a series of British outdoor photoshoot experiences by Offspring Photography, set in stunning locations around rural Cotswolds and Warwickshire.

Celebrating some of British nature’s most magical seasonal flower spectacles, these photoshoots offer wonderful standalone opportunities for children’s portraits or family photos.  As a series of photoshoots, they also make a most beautiful and unique way to record a baby’s first year.

These mini shoots are shorter than a normal family photoshoot (each lasts 20 – 45 minutes in length)  and are scheduled in time slots on specific dates through the year. They make perfect gift ideas for mother’s day or father’s day and offer an affordable way to try out a professional family photoshoot, or if you are looking for just a few photos to update your albums or frames in your home.

For a full photoshoot, offering a wider range of images, please see details of Offspring’s family photography packages.


Among the Flowers series

Stand among a carpet of bluebells, sit in a sea of poppies, take in the scent of a sensational lavender field and celebrate summer in a field of sunflowers.

Prices from £150.

Lodge Farm Sunflowers, Warwickshire by Offspring Photography

The Flower Calendar

Bluebell Woods photoshoot experience in Warwickshire

Warwickshire Bluebell Woods

Celebrate the moment spring turns to summer with an enchanting Bluebell Wood photoshoot in an ancient woodland. Offspring is delighted to have exclusive access to a private bluebell wood for your photoshoot. It is a sanctuary for wildlife, being home to a large wild herd of fallow deer, foxes and an abundance of bird life and sits on top of a hill which is surrounded by the most spectacular views of the Warwickshire countryside.

Cotswold Poppy Field

Cotswold Poppy Fields

Poppy fields are the most elusive of my Among the Flowers series, as they spring up in different locations each year and give only a short window for photographs. However, the Cotswolds has some beautiful scarlet red covered poppy fields in June and early July and they are simply too good to miss. At their best early in the morning or just before sunset in the golden hours, they offer a dramatic backdrop for child portraits and family photos.

Cotswold Lavender photoshoot experience

Cotswold Lavender Fields

An Offspring Photography photoshoot experience at Cotswold Lavender is a full event and has become a firm favourite for families, children and for maternity sessions.

The lavender fields are stunning with the most amazing colour. Most years, the lavender is also complemented with some wildflowers which are equally photogenic!

Sunflower field photoshoot in Warwickshire

Warwickshire Sunflowers

Children simply love sunflowers and there is something really uplifting about disappearing in a maze of them! It really is a spectacle to see so many in one field.

The timing of the flowers mean they are ideal to get those Starting School portraits, showing off new uniforms and shiny shoes.

Christmas Tree Farm photoshoot experience at Warwickshire Christmas Trees

Warwickshire Christmas Trees

Spark the magic of Christmas with a photoshoot at a beautiful Christmas Tree Farm in the Warwickshire countryside. Wrap yourself up in your best winter woollies or Christmas party dress,  enjoy family cuddles and maybe a kiss under the mistletoe and leave me to capture the magic of your family experience as you make Christmas memories together.  The photos will make a perfect Christmas gift for your family! 

Photo portrait of a child in Cotswold Lavender field


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