Pregnancy & maternity photo shoot

Begin to capture the timeline of your baby’s journey

There are so many ways I can capture the beauty of your pregnancy and I love to work with expectant parents to help come up with their own unique way.

Firstly, I recommend to choose a location that has a special meaning for you and your partner. It can be indoors or outdoors.  Maybe you’d like to revisit your wedding venue, take a walk at your favourite park and amongst the seasonal flowers, or cosy up at home and capture the preparations you have made to welcome your baby.

There is no set rule on when to arrange your session either.  You should decide when is best for you.  After 25 weeks is generally a good time – ideally a moment when your baby bump is nicely visible.  Then choose something comfortable to wear that makes you feel amazing and let me do the rest.

How wonderful will it be to share your photos with your child as they are growing up!