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The photography we use in our marketing communicates so much about us.

Clients and customers make split-second decisions based on your website or social media and more than ever before, they expect to see the face behind your business. 
This is where personal branding photography can help.

Feel excited to share your images and inspire your clients and followers

I can help you and your business to stand out, to enhance your brand presence and to communicate your unique story with one of my headshot or personal branding photoshoots. 

So what is the difference between a headshot and personal brand photography?

Headshot photos are simply portrait images that help put a face to a name. They are ideal if you’re looking for a professional photo for your About Us page, Facebook or LinkedIn profile.  To communicate your brand to your audience in a more compelling way, we need to take a step back and take a wide angle view of your business.  This is where personal branding comes in. 

Personal branding photography gives your customers a behind-the-scenes peek into what it takes to make or deliver the product or service you offer.  It is a really effective visual way to tell the story of your business to your ideal clients quickly and with impact. Personal branding is for people who want to share the heart and soul of your business to stand out from your competitors.

With an Offspring Photography personal branding photoshoot I aim to provide you with a media library of images that you can use to support your marketing, social media and PR activity.  That works across multiple platforms – in print on brochures and marketing literature, for your website and social media including Instagram and Facebook and to accompany articles in magazines and other media. 

Personal branding photography is for those that are drawn to Offspring’s relaxed, colourful and natural style of photography.

How it works

The finer details

Headshot and branding photography is a collaborative process. We will work together to define your story to attract your ideal client.

We’ll simply start with a free 30-minute discovery call

I will ask you a pile of questions and will also answer yours.

At the end of our call I should understand your business world and the vision you have for your brand.

We’ll also talk about how we’ll use your photoshoot to help achieve that vision.

Next, I’ll develop a costed plan for your photoshoot with all the details

I’ll help you with pulling together the ‘look’ with custom brand styling - everything from what to wear, location, props and your own products.

Pricing packages

Headshot session

Up to 1-hr photoshoot including a couple of different set-ups and clothing changes

5 digital images supplied ready for print and social media

Online gallery with AT LEAST 15 images to choose from.

Upgrade options available for additional digital images


Personal branding photoshoot

Fully tailored session

Photoshoot at a location that reflects you and what you do

Images delivered for required applications including web, print and social media

Detailed quotations provided

Starting from £125

Annual Personal Branding Package

Fully-tailored annual photography support for small businesses

2+ photoshoots per year

Ideal for Instagram marketing and other social marketing platforms

Detailed costed plan tailored to your marketing strategy

Price upon request
Bailey Lamburn photographer edits from home

About your photographer

I’m a PR director turned photographer. Before turning self-employed in 2014 I worked for ten years in marketing and public relations, having also a degree in journalism.

I love working with local small businesses - after all, I am one myself!

I love applying the tricks and knowledge from my experience working with large brands, such as the BBC, Westfield and Eversheds, and securing publicity in TV, radio and national and local media, to now capturing images that help tell a compelling story for small, creative businesses and entrepreneurs.

I also understand how much of an investment photography is for your business and how crucial a library of professional images are in communicating your brand. The right photographs combined with the right words are an incredibly powerful form of marketing.

Are You Ready to Begin?

If you would like to discover how an Offspring photo shoot can communicate your business story, book in a free 30 minute discovery call today.