Our story {Warwick SCBU and Birmingham Children’s Hospital}

Some five years ago our world was rocked by the arrival of a squidgy new human with a bent over ear, really long fingers and a squidgy little nose. My husband, Dan and I were smitten the moment we saw him. After a looonnng 48-hour labour and a sleepless night on Swan Ward in Warwick we were so pleased to take our new little man, who we named Grayson, home.

That night we all settled in bed with him on our lap, staring at every inch of the little miracle that I had given birth to. After just a few short hours Grayson responded to all our coos and adoring attention by vomiting. Yep, all over the bright white ‘coming home’ baby grow we had bought him for the occasion, but I knew instantly that it wasn’t good. I’d known about bilious vomiting once before when my niece born three years before suffered the same and had spent her first days in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We immediately called Swan Ward who told us to bring Grayson in to the Special Care Baby Unit. A frantic few hours unfolded as the doctors examined him and diagnosed a suspected twisted bowl which would require urgent surgery. He was a very poorly boy.

The staff in Special Care were fabulous! They kept a close eye on Grayson and began his treatment whilst arranging a transfer via KIDS, the specialist neonatal ambulance service, to a hospital that could carry out any necessary surgery. At one stage the only bed available was in Glasgow and we were told he would need to fly and we would have to follow by road. It was about as stressful as it gets and the emotions were high particularly as I had only had a couple of hours sleep in three days.

So less than 48 hours after his birth, Grayson was transferred from Warwick SCBU to the Neonatal Surgical Ward at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  We were lucky. After a medical imaging contrast at Birmingham Children’s it turned out that both Grayson and his cousin didn’t need surgery but had treatment for infections.  During our week and through our experience we saw and met a number of parents whose little ones had far more serious complications and a much longer road ahead of them, but the lifeline that is the doctors, nurses and midwives of Warwick SCBU and the Neonatal Surgical Ward at Birmingham Children’s is amazing – they treat the smallest babies and often work miracles.

Photos of newborn at Warwick SCBU

This year Offspring Photography is supporting the campaign to raise £20,000 for Warwick Special Care Baby Unit.  Please support and follow the campaign by supporting one or more of the amazing fundraising events organised by Lucy Field and Nicki Scott and…. 

Follow the Facebook page for details of all the fundraising events – /fundraisingforwarwickscbu/ or if you would like to make a donation please follow the link to their Just Giving page

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