Displaying your photos

We’ve all been there. Looking through treasured family photos and knowing there's a space on your wall you would love to fill with those warm memories, but then not knowing which frames or photos work together...Instead the USB goes back in the drawer only for you to realise months or years later that the space is still bare.

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I believe your photos should stand the test of time and how better than to hang them pride of place in your home where you and your children can look on them with warmth and pride.

So I am delighted to extend Offspring’s offerings by providing a guided service to displaying the photos from your session – from selecting the right frame and images for your space to preparing design options for you to review, including reworking or re-cropping images to see what will work best.

I will then manage all the printing, sourcing and delivery for you, taking the strain out of planning the most stunning wall art for your home.


I have curated a collection of handmade, sustainably-sourced frames. They come in a range of modern colours to complement your photographs and home decor. Each frame comes complete with mount and high-quality photo print. The single frames have the option of mountings so that you can hang them on a wall, or display them on a desk or sideboard.

I am proud to work with a multi-award winning photographic lab with decades of experience in the professional photographic industry to ensure that your finished photos display the finest of details and colour accuracy.